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A few facts about us

Diving Club Vesikot is an active diving club located in southern Finland around the small town of Kouvola.

Vesikot was founded in 1967 by some of the Finnish pioneers of scuba diving, and is still going strong with yet another generation rising. We have about 250 members. Vesikot operates under the rules and standards of the Finnish Divers' Federation, which has a long history in working with and in cooperation with CMAS and lately also with NAUI.

The name Vesikot, means the European mink (musteola lutreola). Nowadays it's a threatened species and unfortunately extinct in Finland as in most parts of Scandinavia. Apart from us, that is. With our name and philosophy we would like to guide people towards environmental awareness and care in this modern, urban, and so often rather hectic world we live in.

By the nature of our sports we concentrate on scuba diving and instructing scuba diving in our local area. This area is quite an ideal location for a diving club: right next to the great lake district of southern Finland, by the river Kymi, and only 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the sea - the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

In addition to scuba diving, we also have other activities such as fin swimming, freediving, voluntary rescue service and underwater rugby (just for fun). We have courses for children and youngsters ranging from free and skin diving to Junior Scuba Diving. For adults we have courses from the basic scuba diving courses CMAS P1/NAUI Scuba Diver through to CMAS M1 Instructor/NAUI Assistant Instructor.

Our instructors have a considerable amount of diving experience in various conditions around the world in addition to Nordic and Arctic diving in Scandinavia.

Please feel free to ask for more information about us and the diving excursions we can offer.

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